Saturday, October 23, 2010

Magic Pumpkin Buckle

This amazing recipe comes from a reader of Taste of Home. She writes that it is her family's favorite pumpkin dessert and I can understand why. There were seven people at the dinner I served it at and everyone liked it. It was good the next day cold and after that I wouldn't know because ours was gone. My son ate it for breakfast. A quick search of the internet revealed that it is called a buckle because the crust buckles during baking and it's usually made with blueberries.

This recipe has you layering melted butter, then the cake ingredients and then the pumpkin filling without stirring. During baking the batter rises to the top giving it a cobbler appearance. It truly does seem magical.

The only change I made was to pump up the spices by making them heaping measurements. It just seemed a little short. My sister planned on adding some pumpkin pie spice when she made it later in the week for a gathering.

My youngest son, who was visiting from Ireland, brought me the cute plate that has a bird under the buckle. He ate a lot of pumpkin during his visit, but this was his favorite.

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  1. Looks good- hoping to get to sample some in person :)


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