Sunday, October 17, 2010

So, What Are We Cooking?

Just about everything, it seems, can be made from pumpkin. Besides the traditional pie, bread and muffins, I have recipes for pumpkin pancakes, fudge, enchiladas, tea, brittle, donuts, ice cream, gratin, pesto, salads, risotto, tarts, pizza, brownies, curry and dozens of different soup recipes. I have several cookbooks dedicated to just pumpkin recipes and the internet seems inexhaustible. Making one or two recipes a week wouldn't dent the surface.

What I thought I wouldn't be doing is sitting around reinventing the wheel. These recipes already exist and I do have a day job - we're just going to find out if they're any good. But pumpkin recipe ideas could be contagious. I was listening to my mother try and say something nice about some pumpkin biscuits. She said, "I guess you can't very well add sugar to them because then they would be shortcake." Like a proverbial light bulb going off in my head, I starting seeing pumpkin shortcake with caramelized pumpkin, apples and raisins for the fruit. The same thing happened when someone was commenting online that pumpkin popovers didn't really taste like pumpkin - I thought, popovers never taste like anything, but what if you turned them into cream puffs with pumpkin cream filling. See where this is going? It just goes on and on.

We're also going to have some guest bloggers. Several people have encouraged me to showcase their favorite pumpkin recipes, but I think they should be the ones to talk about them.

A note about the photos on this blog: All the photos in this blog are taken by me or The Hub. We are amateurs with a cheap camera. I know blogs are all about gorgeous pictures, but my day job has pounded into me the doctrine of PHOTO RIGHTS.

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  1. Good luck with the "pumpkin project". Looking forward to reading about your discoveries during the year.


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