Monday, January 10, 2011

Pumpkin Tiramisu

Before we get to the tiramisu, here are some updates:

1.  The pumpkins in the garage are starting to show their age. Some are up to four months old, and are deteriorating in different ways. The whites and French reds start with small spots that spread slowly. The fairy tale turn to mush on the inside without a lot of visible change on the outside. The sugar look normal on the outside, but are hard as rocks and dehydrated on the inside.

Some of this could be due to the way they are stored. The temperature is lower than it should be, but it's been 27 degrees every morning when I wake up for as long as I can remember. They should be sitting in little hay nests and not touching anything. hmm well without hay and long ago running out of room in that dinky garage, they are sort of piled up touching lots of stuff. I will probably be out of fresh pumpkin in less than a month.

2.  The contest for the Discovery cookbooks continues this week. Your chances of winning are pretty good, so send me an email with the name of your favorite pumpkin food, mine or otherwise, to

I made this tiramisu from Better Homes and Gardens magazine over New Years for Kevin who loves the stuff. He managed to eat pretty much the whole thing even though a wicked sore throat was slowing him down. The rest of us thought it was just OK.

And let me tell you something, lining a deep loaf pan with plastic wrap is a lot harder than it sounds. After 10 minutes I gave up and used foil. I also added an extra layer; it just seemed squatty and I had extras of the ingredients.

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  1. Somehow describing this as squatty makes me laugh...


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