Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Torched Pumpkin Strips

This is another recipe from Emeril Lagasse and the Food Network, and was originally published in his cookbook, New New Orleans Cooking. It is very similar to the pumpkin tempura (also by Emeril) except with a beer batter crust and savory Asian type dipping sauce. This dish got mixed reviews from the five of us on a day we tested many pumpkin recipes. Everyone loved the dipping sauce, which would be great with egg rolls or dumplings (that part of the recipe is definitely a keeper). I loved the pumpkin part too; everyone else said it was just ok. This could be due to pumpkin overload or that I just like bad-for-me deep fried food. The Creole seasoning gets lost in the batter, so the dipping sauce takes over in the flavor department. I would combine the pumpkin tempura (minus the sugar) and the dipping sauce for the perfect dish.

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  1. For ease of combining the two recipes like you suggest here, it might be helpful to link to the pumpkin tempura (either your post about it or the original recipe.) For the record, I tend to like bad-for-me fried food, too. I think I learned it from my mother.


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