Sunday, April 24, 2011

Melt-in-Your-Mouth Pumpkin Cookies

This cookie recipe came from Better Homes and Gardens magazine. The recipe makes 60 to 100 cookies, depending on the size you like them. I gave Andrew a large plate to take to the Easter dinner he was going to and was still flagging neighbors down on the street to offload cookies. I will definitely half the recipe next time I make them. The cookies are mildly spiced miniature pumpkin cakes and the frosting is an interesting take on buttercream with the addition of brown sugar. They were heavenly the first day, but storage is problematic. Because of the moisture in pumpkin, they aren't good candidates for air-tight containers, but leaving them unwrapped on the counter caused them to go stale quickly and also caused the Hub and I to eat one every time we walked by. My recommendation would be to make them the day you plan to use them and only make the amount you need.

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  1. these were a big hit this weekend. super soft and flavorful, there were no leftovers to be taken home!


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