Thursday, November 18, 2010

Starbucks Pumpkin Loaf, part 1

My two-year-old granddaughter Sophie loves the pumpkin loaf they sell at Starbucks. She yells her order from her car seat whenever they hit the drive thru at Starbucks (which is pretty often considering they are a Seattle family).

It's a funny thing about this recipe, whereas most of the Starbucks recipes are all over the Internet, this one is not. Many people are looking for it. Top Secret Recipes supposedly duplicated it, but is closed mouth about it because it is included in a book coming out later this month. I can purchase it on their website, but thought I would try this recipe first, which some claimed was close.

And those claiming that - would be wrong. It is not it. Not that it isn't an excellent pumpkin bread, it is. Not that I think Starbucks is the premier pumpkin bread either, I don't, but Sophie does.

The Starbucks loaf is square - not exactly sure how they do that, but this loaf has baking soda in it which makes it rise and gives it a domed top. I did add chopped pepitas to the top which exactly duplicated the their crunchy top. The Starbucks tastes sweeter and is darker in color. Also this recipe calls for three 7x3 inch pans. It's an odd size and I could only get close with disposable 8x4 inch pans.

I decided to spring for the 99 cents to buy the Top Secret Recipes version. I made it one evening and brought it to work the next day. I was sure I had nailed it because it looked exactly like it - same color and not domed.

It was pouring down rain in the morning so it was afternoon before I ventured out to Starbucks to pick up some of their pumpkin loaf for comparison. Sorry Top Secret Recipes, you can see from the unbiased votes below, it's not the same. They liked it, and it was gone in a flash, but the hunt goes on.

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