Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ziti with Pumpkin: Zit alla Zucca

This pasta dish is from Mario Batali and the Food Network. I was a little confused about his 1 pound pumpkin, cut into julienne. Does that mean a 1-pound pumpkin, which would give you about 12 ounces of pumpkin flesh julienned, or does it mean 1 pound of pumpkin from a larger pumpkin, julienned? I cut it in the middle and ended up using 14 ounces. Next time I would use twice that much. At one point, julienning a pumpkin would have taken me a while, but I'm getting to be an expert at all things pumpkin including cutting one up. It's a great recipe and the only complaint I heard was that it could have used more pumpkin.

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