Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pumpkin Pie Blizzards

OK, this is my hands-down favorite so far. It's like crack to pumpkin lovers. But the exact recipe has eluded me so far. Seems like it would be easy to replicate - just add pumpkin and the spices to ice cream, but what you end up with is a milk shake or a smoothie, which doesn't taste quite right. Someone smarter than me looked on the Dairy Queen website for the ingredients and came up with this list: pumpkin pie mix, ice cream and shortbread cookies. I have never bought pumpkin pie mix and actually thought it was runny, but it's not. You have to add the milk and eggs to it to make a pie. It looks exactly like pumpkin puree except darker in color. The shortbread cookies didn't sound right to me either, so we used blonde Oreos.

I actually used soft serve from Dairy Queen, but any ice cream would work. The first batch I used the blender, but it mashed the cookies too small; the second batch I used a hand mixer and liked the results better. I didn't measure the ingredients but a one to three ratio with the mix and ice cream is about right. Cookies to taste. So easy but so good. 


  1. It's dangerous to know how to make blizzards at home!

  2. These were really really good. Also probably one of my favorite so far.

  3. Now you don't have to bribe the workers at Dairy Queen to supply them year round! :)


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