Monday, June 27, 2011

Coconut Shrimp with Pumpkin Curry Dipping Sauce

This recipe from a chef at Food Network comes together surprisingly fast, a fact we found out when we figured out that Karen's bus was leaving from downtown DC in just over an hour one Sunday afternoon. We decided to give it a shot and hope there wasn't traffic. The Hub heated up the oil, Karen made the sauce, Andrew thawed the shrimp (oh yeah they were still frozen) and I made the batter and assembled the other ingredients. We decided to skip the skewers part and just turn the shrimp over as they cooked in the oil. I've never made any form of fried shrimp before, but we were all amazed less than 20 minutes later when we were burning our tongues trying to eat them. So fast and so good.

One of the key ingredients, unsweetened coconut, took three stores to find, but really keeps the shrimp from being too sweet. The pumpkin curry dipping sauce is excellent and doesn't overwhelm the mild shrimp.


  1. Shrimp-a-licious! Looks good!

  2. good sauce/shrimp combo and surprisingly filling!


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