Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pumpkin Falafels with Pumpkin Tzatziki

The pumpkin falafel recipe came from the blog Meals and Miles. It's made by combining garbanzo beans, pumpkin and whole grain pancake mix with spices and garlic, whirling everything in the food processor, forming patties and baking. Couldn't be easier, or healthier. I was the only taster and I loved them. Easy to make a batch and keep in the frig to heat up for lunch and snacks.

The pumpkin tzatziki recipe came from the website Two Coast Table and was their submission to last year's Project Food Blog: Pumpkin. It starts with strained Greek yogurt, but I was confused about this. If it's Greek yogurt, isn't it already strained? Anyway my tzatziki was really thick. I liked it and it complemented the falafels, but I doubt I would make it again.

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