Monday, March 5, 2012

Pumpkin Focaccia with Sage and Walnuts

This is the first time I've made bread with a starter. The starter needs to be started 16 hours before you plan on making the bread, so this is not a last minute addition to anyone's menu. The recipe comes from the website Visions of Sugar Plum, where the author lists many many equally delicious looking pumpkin recipes. I learned one thing from this recipe - when she says put it in the big mixer, she means it. Arm wrestling this recipe with my hand mixer was ridiculous. That bread hook on the big mixer is there for a reason! She also suggests pushing the nuts and sage slightly into the bread, but I think a little more force is needed here because mine all fell off. (She does say to chop them finely, but I left mine kinda big compared to hers, but the sage weighed practically nothing and it fell off too.) This bread needs to be brought out of the oven and taken straight to the table. It doesn't last, even in an airtight container. It's when it tastes the best anyway.

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