Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tenth Day of Pumpkin Holiday Cookies, Pumpkin Spice Wedding Cakes

  My family calls these little balls Russian tea cakes, but Mexican wedding cakes is also universally accepted. I was hesitant about this recipe, which calls for adding pumpkin pie spice, because I thought the simplicity of the original is what attracted people to them. But these are good. I only made a half recipe, because (and I never thought I would be saying these words) we are a little cookied out around here. To get to 10 good recipes, we've had a few duds along the way. Not worth writing about, but not so bad we have to throw them away either. All the freezer containers are full, the freezer is full and still we have two more days of the twelve days of holiday pumpkin cookies. Guess there are worse problems to have.

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  1. LOL- my kids would love to help you solve that problem... I have been working up to making the chocolate covered chex ones! Baby steps, baby steps...


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