Friday, July 29, 2011

Pumpkin Swirl Bread and a Dancing Princess

This pumpkin swirl bread from Harvest Grain Bakery was disappointing. When this chain of bakeries first opened in our area in Virginia, people would drive for miles to get some of their warm addictive loaves. They had imaginative flavors and it was always fun to see what they were baking that day. This loaf, which came from a store in Tacoma, Washington, was bland with no real pumpkin flavor at all. It also had none of the hand-made quality of the original product.

But to brighten our day (actually, the whole week), we had an always-ready-to-perform dancing princess. Sophie entertained us constantly with her intricate princess-type dance moves, always in full costume, never discouraged by the fact that sister Mads appears bored and Grandpa Den wandered off to clean the gutters. Apparently, the position of the tongue and left arm (necessary for complete concentration) are important to princesses. 


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