Monday, August 1, 2011

Pumpkin Coffee Cake

I made this pumpkin coffee cake from the Seattle blog Not so Humble Pie to take to a GNO (Girl's Night Out) breakfast while I was out at our lake place. It was a first for GNO to meet for breakfast on a Saturday rather than the usual first Thursday for dinner, but it worked out great. The Hub, the princess and I took the ferry over to the mainland and they dropped me off at Margaret's, where the weather cooperated and we had a lovely breakfast casserole, fruit, the coffee cake and mimosas - plus lots of fun.

This group of women (and there are a few missing, 11 total) have been getting together once a month for - are you ready for this - 37 years. Plus two groups of four have known each other since kindergarten, 54 years. We've taken lots of trips together, from weekenders to Portland, the Eastern Washington and Chicago to longer trips to Hawaii, New York, Phoenix and an 18-day jaunt through Italy.

As for the coffee cake - it's very good and everyone like it. The recipe calls for a bundt or tube pan and flipping the cake out right side up, which works great for a tube pan, but looks silly with a bundt pan. I put the streusel topping in first, then the batter and when it flipped out of the pan, the streusel was on top.

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