Monday, August 29, 2011

My Own Pumpkin Patch

A funny thing happened in my yard this year. I have small pumpkin plants growing everywhere. Every plant that got a dose of our homemade compost has rogue pumpkin plants growing from the base. Here's a hydrangea with pumpkins.

A rhododendron with pumpkins

A dogwood with pumpkins

Even my hanging basil and tomato has a pumpkin plant growing out the side. Too funny.

Since our backyard is too shady for pumpkins (or any other vegetable) to do well, we plant on the side yard. I had peas in the spring and then planted the package of cheese pumpkin seeds I bought at Monticello. I can't remember if they were heirloom seeds or not, but was really disappointed when the package only had eight seeds in it. Actually we couldn't have handled too many more as they have grown to about 20 feet and have taken over the entire side of the yard.

I have six long island cheese pumpkins so far that look like this.

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  1. Pumpkins are taking over!!!!!


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