Friday, October 21, 2011

Sausage and Pumpkin Roast (England)

This recipe came from the BBC's Good Food website. It is easy, quick and both the Hub and I were amazed that 1. the food was cooked thoroughly and 2. tasted great. While we were making it, both of us (without saying it out loud) felt this recipe had "big loser" written all over it. To begin with we had to convert 220 degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit, which turns out to be 428 degrees F. Most of the ingredients had to be converted from grams to ounces and we had to replace the tub of fresh beef gravy from the chiller cabinet with jarred gravy. My biggest concern was that it wouldn't be done in the 20 minutes cook time, that the sausages would not be browned on the outside and would still be pink on the inside. But it was and, not only that, it tasted good, too. It would make a quick weeknight dinner if, like us, you had the pumpkin cut and peeled in advance.

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