Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chewy(ish) Pumpkin Molasses Cookies

Here's a treat in addition to a great cookie recipe. The view out my kitchen window with a pair of piliated woodpeckers on the feeder. The male has a slight red line on his chin that the female is missing. In the summer, the couple also brings their children to the feeder, but they usually wait in line. I have never seen both on the feeder at once. Must be hungry. Because this is a close-up picture you can't see that there are also cardinals and a downy woodpecker in the tree and a lot of really noisy blue jays on the ground.

I love cookies. They are probably my favorite food. And I especially love pumpkin cookies. So when Theresa from the website The Craving Chronicles worked hard to come up with this recipe for a chewy pumpkin cookie, I said I'm in. She dehydrated the pumpkin by cooking  it on top of the stove at a low heat for about an hour to remove the water and then added it to her favorite molasses cookie recipe. The results are great. Some of my cookies are a little more crunchy than chewy but that can be blamed on the new Bejeweled game "diamond mine." I recommend not playing while baking cookies that only cook for seven minutes.

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