Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year & Pumpkin Black Bean Soup

Happy New Year to everyone. I think I speak for everyone in this country when I say I'm pretty happy to be kicking 2011 to the curb. I apologize for whatever is happening on Facebook that doesn't allow me to link the blog to my posts. Hopefully they will get it fixed and in the meantime I'm putting brackets around the URL, which gets you close but not quite there.

Since the beginning of this blog I've been praising the health benefits of pumpkin. Because we have a wedding coming up later this year, the Lockard, Falzone, Powers and Forman families have decided to have a biggest loser contest to make sure we don't look like pumpkins in the pictures. To help us all and maybe you too, I've decided to do a month of the healthiest pumpkin recipes I can find. I'm starting with this pumpkin black bean soup recipe which is good for you and tastes great too.

The Hub and I had a disagreement over whether I had ever made a soup recipe with black beans for this blog. No one could remember and I was unwilling to back through the months to see. Anyway if I did - this one from the website Very Culinary - is better. I really really liked this soup and I'm not normally a soup person. It has two tablespoons of sugar, but comes out kinda sweet, so next time I would eliminate the sugar. Other than that, it's a winner. It's easy to make and good for you too.

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