Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Coconut-Lime Fish Curry with Pumpkin

I'm back from France, where I had a wonderful 11 days with my girlfriends. In Paris I had a bowl of pumpkin/chestnut soup which was fabulous although I suspect it was probably butternut squash because it was fresh and I just don't know where they would get pumpkin this time of year. But they are pretty truthful about these things too, so maybe it was. They are much more "local" than we are about food. Even in the grocery stores the signs list the item, country of origin and the price. In Provence, I added to my pumpkin decoration collection with a cement pumpkin and a faux antique pumpkin sign. Both clearly marked Made in France.

I added two cups of diced pumpkin to this recipe from the website Katy She Cooks. Both the Hub and I loved the curry, which we ate over brown rice. I used lite coconut milk although she warns against it and used flounder fillets from Costco as my "mild white fish." We liked the recipe because it's not something we eat all the time, it scores high on our eating plan for nutrition and calories and never once tasted "fishy" for those who don't like fish.

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