Monday, February 7, 2011

Citrus-glazed Pumpkin Carrot Cake

This cake recipe came from the November issue of Everyday Food, which was loaded with pumpkin recipes. It makes a large, dense cake with a complementary glaze that serves 16 to 18 people easily. We had it at home for several days, and then I took over half of it work, where it was finished off before lunch and without a group email. Instead of getting stale, several days in plastic wrap only enhanced the moistness. I used citrus I brought back from Arizona for the glaze, which took three times as much liquid as the recipe called for. I used pecans instead of walnuts and toasted the nuts before chopping. I also substituted whole wheat pastry flour for some of the flour to boost the healthy aspects of it.

Here's a funny sidenote, when I went to Martha Stewart's webpage to get the link for this blog, five of five commentors had rated the recipe inappropriate because they were unhappy with the results. They felt it was dry and flavorless. Hmmm maybe this cake should come with a warning - results may vary. Another warning, this cake takes a very large bowl and lots of beating to follow the recipe exactly.

 Everyone (both at home and at work, total number about 14) who tried it liked it, some for the cake, some for the glaze, but most for the combination of both. Here is an interesting comment by David, who said "I liked it because it wasn't overly sweet." When I pointed out that the commenters said it had no taste, he further added "That's because they confuse taste with sweetness."


  1. It's really pretty- love the look of the glaze dripping down the sides :) YUM!

  2. It was as delicious as it looks! Definitely has a professional/bakery appearance. Way better than regular carrot cake in my opinion :)


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