Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

This cookie recipe comes from the website Green Lite Bites. I love cookies; I would like to eat them every day, maybe at every meal, so nothing would make me happier than to find a recipe that tastes good and doesn't contain sugar or fat. This one almost makes it. Don't think for a minute that these are the best thing I've ever eaten, because they aren't. But if it's a choice between these kinds of cookies or nothing, I'll pick these cookies and keep on refining the recipe. This one contains raw sugar, molasses and agave, which let's face it, are other names for sugar. But it doesn't contain too much and I think you could cut back on it a little. It is totally added fat and oil free. I found the whole rolled oats too chewy and think I will whirl them in food processor a little before adding next time. I found flattening them a little challenging because of the stickyness. The author's batch made 66 cookies, which equals 3 cookies for 100 calories. Pretty dang good. Mine made 45 cookies. Still good. I've made another batch since writing this using quick oats and it works much better, less chewy and not sticky.

I think the mom that made up this recipe is sort of a genius. She said her kids loved them, which I thought a little hard to believe unless the kids have never known the taste of butter filled cookies. But if you look at the pictures, you'll see why. She let the kids make them, even take pictures of them, so with that much ownership, of course they loved to eat them, too.

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