Saturday, February 11, 2012

Frozen Pumpkin Mudslides

The Hub and I are not particularly big drinkers. He has a beer once in a while, me almost never. Ironically we have a very well stocked liquor cabinet - mostly from one off recipes and adult kids. We decided to make a pitcher of these frozen pumpkin mudslides from the website Cupcake Project on Superbowl Sunday since we had all the ingredients except the chocolate syrup. To replace the chocolate syrup the Hub threw in some chocolate kisses. The recipe only makes two (and it's a good thing), which we polished off in no time and both decided it just might be the best thing we've ever eaten. I gave him a big one and me a small one so I was done first and immediately headed out to the kitchen to lick the blender. Later I caught him trying to scrape out the blender, too. And by the way, kisses are a little hard on the blender and we found big chunks, still you could taste the chocolate.

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