Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pumpkin Tortilla Soup

I made this pumpkin tortilla soup from the website The Kitchn in the morning for a weeknight meal. The Hub's job was to make the tortilla strip garnish when he came home from work. He took his chore seriously and we all thought it was the best part of the soup. Not that the rest tasted bad, it didn't. We've just eaten a lot of pumpkin soup in this house, so no one was getting too excited about another bowl of it. The recipe can be tailored as to the desired chili hotness. I was not familiar with chili pequins (although now I see them in the Pensey's catalog) so I used a few shakes of dried red pepper flakes. Andrew likes to burn his taste buds off with heat, but the Hub and I only like a mild warmth. The recipe calls for pumpkin puree, but I just dumped in roasted pumpkin without pureeing it because I thought it would add to the rustic flavor of the soup.  

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